Too Many Irons in the Fire

Tales of a crafty, working mom of four.

About 01/14/2009

I am a full time working mom of four and my children range in age from 4 to 14 although I have been known to include my husband as a fifth child. We have several rehomed, rescued, and adopted pets including two cats, 1 hamster, 1 house rabbit, and three guinea pigs. I work full time in higher education as a systems administrator. I enjoy reading and love to craft and make things myself. I have dabbled in refinishing furniture, I like to sew, quilt, crochet, knit, paint, and make crafty things. I love to bake and also garden homegrown veggies in the summer. I am an uber geek and am passionate about open source.

This blog is a start of a place for me to tell others what is going on in my crazy over extended life, how my family is doing, and what I do to keep it all in check without going insane. I fill my downtime with more projects and don’t think I would live my life any other way.

That was the summary, now for the details.

The Blogs

This blog is my mommy blog. I have a geekier blog at that I have maintained (as a static site before blogs) since the mid-90’s. The problem with posting everything imaginable on one blog is it really jacks with my readers. The geekset doesn’t always care that I made a new scarf or tried out a new laundry soap recipe. The parenting set doesn’t always care about how to build a Linksys router running alternate firmware. So, two blogs. Wait, that is false, I have a tumblr at fly in my soup where I share media and moods in a more unadulterated manner. Divide and conquer.

Our Family

Our four offspring are ordered as such: 14 year old boy, 12 year old girl, 10 year old boy, 4 year old girl. My husband and I have been together for over 8 years and he came into our family and embraced the three children from a previous marriage in such a wonderful way I knew I couldn’t let him get away. The chose to call him dad right away and in case you are wondering, the dead beat ex says he will be back for the children when they are 18 and won’t allow my husband to adopt them. There are lots more rants I could go on, but I will stop there. Maybe one day I will just let it rip but thus far I have maintained my self-control. It can’t be puppies and kittens all of the time.

I tend to bring home “strays” and because of that we have 2 orange boy cats, three black and white spoiled boar guinea pigs (did I mention their dwelling is 23 square feet!), 1 Chinese dwarf hamster, and one lionhead flop-eared house rabbit who eats my carpet at every chance she can get. The only pet we “bought” was the hamster.

Our Lifestyle

We are a two income working family. My husband and I both work outside of the home in the field of Information Technology. My plan for a large family has worked out mostly, although I would have loved to have more children (six would have been good). I am always looking for a way that I could bring my work home with me so that I could be home for my family, but life doesn’t always work out exactly as planned. After a move two years ago we found ourselves in a suburb rental home with long commutes. Hopefully next year we can move out to the country and settle back into a less stressed and more self-reliant lifestyle. It’s a big goal but we are working on it.

My Philosophies

I help those that I can whenever I can, sometimes to a fault. I think that all the extras are just waste if it means you are sacrificing your family for them. I think that the job of a parent is to raise a well-rounded, happy, and healthy productive member of society. I think the school systems are failing our children at every turn and if there was a way I could figure out how to come home and still manage to pay the bills, I would pull my children out of the public school system without blinking (and this is one of the districts that I like more than others). I think mothers and wives should be able to do their job of raising their children and taking care of their husband and home without facing disapproval of society or other people. I find it sad that the two income model is necessary so often.  I think that the Wal-Mart ideals of our society and the old suburb way of “keeping up with the Jones'” thinking is our downfall. I think that so many people – stay at home parents or not – have lost the arts of the homemaker and I am excited to see even a small revival of it in groups on the Internet. I think communities should become more sustainable and less reliant on large corporations, foreign imports, and greater metro areas for jobs, supplies, and support. I think the throw away philosphy is a tragic one.

I think we need to stop pointing out eachother’s familures and start supporting eachother’s accomplishments, no matter how small.

My Hobbies & Interests

I sew, paint, craft, knit, loom, crochet, cook, bake, read, play piano, guitar, bass, and write music. I enjoy animals and my children are my life. I am a lifetime learner.

My Career and Job Skills

I write, teach, and help people with their websites in my spare time. I am a linux systems administrator for a living and I enjoy making things work. I find satisfaction in helping other people to learn how to use technology and believe that anyone can be empowered with the knowledge for how to make technology work for them.